Thank You Dirt

This song will appear on my upcoming itunes album – ‘Music From The Garden’. The inspiration for the song came from hearing a primary grade student, celebrating the soil that brings us so much, say ‘thank you dirt’ over the school PA system during Earth Week. I then built the song around the seasons of the apple tree.

‘Thank You Dirt’ has been a proven hit for me. It’s very easy for kids to learn, as for most of the song they just echo my vocal lines. They always eagerly wait to sing out with joy the loud single bursting word ‘Dirt’ at the end of the choruses!



* Chorus

Thank you dirt….…….for everything
Thank you dirt………..for the life you bring
And my apple tree….wouldn’t bloom for me
If not for you……….…dirt

And in the Springtime, come blossoms of white
Scenting the breezes, with apple delight

* Repeat Chorus

When Summer arrives, the apples so red
Hang on the tree boughs, over my head

* Repeat Chorus

When Autumn comes, the apples fall,
Dropping one by one
And tiny seeds, find new life,
By rain, wind and sun………..and by dirt

* Repeat Chorus